Environment & quality

Important keys to making Active Biotech a successful company in the field of research and development include safety, health and environmental considerations.

Our commitment to protecting the environment, health and safety of our colleagues and the communities where we operate is that our activities will not cause adverse impacts to the natural and workplace environment, either from the short-term or long-term perspective.

Active Biotech will contribute to a sustainable society. Our policy is to use our employees'  knowledge and involvement in environmental issues and to win the world confidence.

  • Environmental issues should form an important component of all our work
  • We strive for an accident-free workplace, and we educate, train and motivate colleagues to conduct their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner;
  • We strive to minimize waste generation and source sort our waste in the best way
  • We shall together with our partners develop processes, techniques and products that comply with our environmental values
  • We shall minimize the environmental impact by maximizing resource efficiency
  • We shall undertake risk assessment to identify and successfully manage our significant environmental aspects
  • We shall inform suppliers and contractors of our environmental work and cooperate to achieve improvements
  • We shall provide open and objective information on our environmental work to employees, authorities and the public
  • We shall operate in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and we shall have a proactive approach regarding future legislation
  • We shall monitor and measure our environmental performance and regular undertake environmental audits
  • We strive for continuous improvement of our environmental work

Quality at business and process level

The process of developing a new drug involves careful development work and top-level documentation. Both operations and processes must be permeated by quality considerations, from management level right down to the individual employee.

Active Biotech's quality work focuses therefore on ensuring well-run and efficient operations that are constantly being improved.

Quality systems for pharmaceutical development have been in place for many years and serve as a guide for the company's activities:

  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) provides guidelines for laboratory work, particularly safety tests.
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulates the clinical testing work.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) provides guide-lines for manufacturing.

The systems impose demands on:

  • staff responsibility
  • premises and equipment
  • documentation
  • ongoing training and follow-ups
  • in-house inspection and follow-ups
  • discrepancy and complaint management.

The company has no in-house manufacturing since it purchases these services from manufacturing contractors whose work complies with GMP.