The strategic importance of patent protection

An important part of Active Biotech's strategy involves protecting know-how through strong patents. Patent protection covers the discovery of chemical substances, as well as structures, target organs, markers, methods and processes, as well as user areas and equipment relating to the company's operations in important markets. A patent entails exclusive rights to make commercial use of a discovery. Strong patent protection is thus a pre-requisite for a company such as Active Biotech to invest in developing and commercialising a product.

20 years of protection

Patents on drugs are valid for 20 years from the date on which an international patent application is submitted. In the EU, this 20-year time limit may be extended by up to five years to make up for the time lost between the application's submission and the approval of a marketing licence. Active Biotech has built up its position in the patent field through strategically defined patent families, mainly focusing on the fields of autoimmunity/ inflammation and cancer.