Management Team

  • Helén Tuvesson

    President & CEO
    Born 1962
    Shareholding: 7 362 shares

    Helén Tuvesson was employed in Active Biotech in 1998 and since 2011 she has been responsible for the company's research and development. Tuvesson has a PhD in medical science from Lund University. She has extensive experience in drug development after more than 20 years on senior positions within Pharmacia and Active Biotech.

  • Hans Kolam

    Chief Financial Officer
    Born 1951
    Shareholding: 42 381 shares (of which 2 288 shares via related parties)

    Hans Kolam has worked for Active Biotech since 2000. He has more than 30 years' experience in the pharmaceuticals industry, holding different positions in Pharmacia's financial organisation, most recently as Vice President of Finance, Europe.