In order to spread risks and costs, and to optimize both time to market and market penetration, Active Biotech strives to sign collaboration agreements with other companies i.e. major pharmaceutical or biotech companies.

On October 26 – Active Biotech announced an agreement with with NeoTX Therapeutics Ltd., for the development and commercialization of Naptomomab estafenatox “ANYARA” for cancer immunotherapy.

The licensing agreement grants NeoTX exclusive rights to develop and commercialize ANYARA worldwide in cancer indications. The total deal value amounts to $71 million and is contingent upon achievement of clinical, regulatory and commercial milestones whereof Active Biotech received $250 000 as an initial payment upon signing. In addition, NeoTX will pay Active Biotech progressive, double-digit royalties on its net sales.

On June 14, 2004 – Active Biotech signed an agreement with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., to develop and commercialize laquinimod worldwide.

Teva payed an upfront payment of 5 million USD to Active Biotech and they are conducting and funding the further clinical development of laquinimod. The contract between the two companies also calls for Teva to make payments to Active Biotech upon the achievement of various milestones, which include sales targets. If such milestones were all to be met, payments to Active Biotech would aggregate to $92 million. Active Biotech will also receive tiered double digit royalties on sales of the product, once marketed.

On April 4, 2002 – A licensing agreement was signed with MediGene AG (former Avidex Ltd) relating to Active Biotech's patented small molecule CD80 antagonists.

The licensing agreement gives MediGene the exclusive right to evaluate further the CD80 antagonists, and to develop and market products incorporating them or their derivatives. These compounds represent a novel approach to suppressing the inappropriate immune responses seen in autoimmune diseases. Evidence supporting this therapeutic approach has been reported from clinical trials using antibodies and recombinant fusion proteins that inhibit the same specific pathway.

If MediGene successfully develops the CD80 antagonists into products, Active Biotech will receive pre-agreed milestone payments worth up to GBP 6 million. In addition, low single digit royalties on future sales will be received.

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