Confirmed ANYARA tumor PET localization in cancer patients


Using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and radioactively labeled ANYARA, drug concentrations in tumor and normal tissues of individual patients have been measured for the first time, demonstrating that ANYARA localizes to tumors that express the target antigen 5T4. The study is ongoing at Paterson Institute for Cancer Research and at Christie Hospital, Manchester, UK and the first results from this study will be presented at the NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) conference held in Birmingham, UK on October 2-5.
"An important step in the development of targeted therapies is the proof of concept of drug targeting. We have now been able to show, with an objective methodology, that ANYARA is targeted to tumor cells in cancer patients", says Tomas Leanderson, Chief Scientific Officer, Active Biotech.
"This also demonstrates the value of molecular PET imaging as an essential component in the rational development of targeted cancer therapy", says Dr Jamal Zweit, Head of Targeting and Imaging at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research.
Another Phase I clinical dose escalation trial with ANYARA is ongoing at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, USA, at the Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo, Norway and at Christie Hospital, Manchester, UK.
Lund, September 29, 2005
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