Patent application submitted regarding the mode of action for quinoline compounds


Since 2000, Active Biotech has worked with elucidating the mode of action for the quinoline compounds in parallel to the clinical development of the projects.
Many immunoregulatory compounds only regulate the immune system quantitatively and are immunosuppressive. The quinolines are immunomodulatory and affect the immune system in a qualitative fashion. Hence, it is pertinent to reveal the mode of action for the quinoline compounds and to define how this is distinct from that of other compounds currently in clinical development.
A first target molecule for the quinolines has now been defined. The molecule demonstrates a structure/activity relationship between the binding of quinoline compounds and their biological activity in an animal model for autoimmune disease.
The defined target molecule is, for example, expressed by a subpopulation of dendritic cells. Dendritic cells have increasingly become a focus of immunology research in being a pivotal cell type in the early activation of the immune response. It is during the interaction between dendritic cells and T lymphocytes that the qualitative characteristics of the immune response are defined.
These results strengthen the documentation of the company's clinical projects in progress. They can also serve as a platform for the development of new drugs for autoimmune diseases.
Complete data concerning this target molecule will be published after the submitted application has been fully documented.
Lund 27 March, 2006
Active Biotech AB (publ)
Sven Andréasson
President and CEO
Active Biotech AB is a biotechnology company focusing on research and development of pharmaceuticals. Active Biotech has a strong R&D portfolio with pipeline products focused on autoimmune/inflammatory diseases and cancer. Most advanced projects are laquinimod, an orally administered small molecule with unique immunomodulatory properties for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, as well as ANYARA for use in cancer immunotherapy with the primary indication non-small cell lung cancer. Further key projects in clinical development comprise the three orally administered compounds TASQ for prostate cancer 57-57 for SLE and RhuDex® for RA.

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