Active Biotech acquires 100 % in Transport AB Movera


Active Biotech has, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Movera Holding AB, acquired the minority's 16 % in Transport AB Movera for SEK 20M.

The now wholly-owned Transport AB Movera contains Helikopterservice Euro Air with intercity traffic between Copenhagen Airport - Malmoe/Helsingborg and the business aviation company Inter Air.

"By buying the minority we create a free cash flow in the Movera-concern. The acquisition is a preparation for the suggested tax free distribution to Active Biotech's shareholders of all our non-biotechnology business" says Bo Håkansson.

Substantial acquisition of shares

Movera Holding AB has acquired additional 190.000 B-shares in the health care-company Lifco. After the acquisition the stockholding for Movera amounts to 1.512.103 shares and represents 16,6 % of the capital and 10,4 % of the votes.

"We now have increased our shareholding. We see Lifco as a strategic investment with high growth within health and health care".

Lund December 28, 1998

Active Biotech AB

Bo Håkansson
President, Active Biotech AB

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