Active Biotech concentrates upon cancer diagnostics


The agreement means that Active Biotech take over the further development in co-operation with the research group in Linköping. The method for the tests exists at present at a research stage. In order to provide the conditions for a comprehensive clinical assessment, a rapid and simple accessibility, as well as the opportunity for commercialisation, there is a need to develop the test methods further into a ready-to-use kit. Active Biotech will be responsible for method development up to the point of a product - a test kit for commercialisation.

The tests are in line with our own direction with regard to the cancer sector, and can be connected up to methods of treatment, says Karl Olof Borg, Head of Research at Active Biotech. We possess the expertise and the will to develop ourselves within the cancer sector. Our research co-operation with Pharmacia & Upjohn is one example of an immunological cancer treatment method.

By means of the tests it is possible to modify and develop treatment strategies for the types of tumour which are currently accessible to immuno-therapy, i.e. malignant melanoma and kidney cancer. The tests can predict which patients have the greatest prospect of responding to treatment with Interferon-a and save other patients a pointless treatment with unnecessary side-effects. Moreover there are health care benefits to be gained by refraining from expensive treatments which lack the prerequisites for success. The costs of medicine alone for a melanoma patient who is treated with Interferon-a can amount to SEK 300 000 per year.