Patent for SAIK-MS approved in the USA


Active Biotech has received patent approval for a group of chemical substances containing candidate drugs against autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The application in the USA was presented in April 1999 and the product and use patent has now been approved with a patent life of 20 years, valid until 2019. International patent applications were also applied for during 1999 and are pending.

One of these substances is being investigated in an ongoing extended phase I clinical trial which also includes patients with the disease multiple sclerosis, MS. SAIK-MS is expected to go into phase II trial during Q4 2000.

SAIK is the Active Biotech name for the research project where these types of substances for the regulation of the human immune system are being studied. Two further patent applications are pending regarding candidate drugs for use in other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, such as juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

The aim is to develop new drugs with improved effectiveness, fewer side effects and in tablet form instead of injection.

Lund 29 February 2000

Active Biotech AB (publ)

Sven Andréasson
President & CEO