ACTIVE to concentrate on biotechnology


The Board of Directors of ACTIVE i Malmö AB (publ) is recommending to ACTIVE´s shareholders that a decision be made at a Special General Meeting on October 20, 1997, to concentrate operations on biotechnology. The Board has conclued that ACTINOVA Ltd and the most recent acquisition, SBL Vaccin AB, represent a predominant portion of ACTIVE´s investments.

ACTIVE´s focus on biotechnology. Accordingly, it is viewed as a necessity that operations be concentrated on biotechnology. At the same time, this means that shareholder´s values are maximised.

The other assets in the Group will be divested.

Among other items, a name change to ACTIVE Biotech AB is being proposed at the Special General Meeting on October 20.

ACTIVE i Malmö AB (publ)

Bo Håkansson
Managing Director