Active Biotech's application for TTS Phase II trial approved by UK authorities


Active Biotech's application for the initiation of TTS (Tumour Targeted Superantigens) Phase II clinical trial has been approved by UK authorities. The Principal Investigator for the study will be Professor Robert Hawkins, Christie Hospital in Manchester, UK. Professor Hawkins has long experience from cancer immunotherapy. It is foreseen that also Dr Poulam Patel at St James's Hospital in Leeds will participate in the trial.

"For a long time, I have been fascinated by the idea of using the body's own immune system in the treatment of cancer. The TTS concept combined with the interesting properties of the 5T4 antibody, is a novel and potentially useful approach to the treatment of renal cell cancer " says Professor Hawkins.

Treatment of patients with renal cell cancer (RCC) will be started by the beginning of December. Totally, up to 45 patients will be included in the study. The study will run for 12 months.

"This is an important milestone for the TTS project, after the successful completion of the Phase I study during the spring. We are now continuing the clinical program according to our plans", says Sven Andréasson, President & CEO.

TTS is a unique form of cancer treatment, in which an antibody combined with a toxin stimulates the immune system to specifically and locally attack the tumour cells. The antibody component of the TTS product named 5T4 was developed at Christie Hospital, by a research group led by Professor Peter Stern. The TTS product used in this study is very well suited for the treatment of renal cell cancer, since this cancer form has a high expression of the 5T4 antigen on the surface of the tumour cells. Renal tumours are well vascularised, which gives the TTS product a good accessibility to the tumour cells. This cancer form has previously shown to be susceptible to immunotherapy.

The renal cell cancer market is currently estimated to USD 600 million.

Lund 13 November 2001
Active Biotech AB (publ)

Sven Andréasson
President & CEO

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