Active Biotech's nominations committee appointed


The nominations committee for the next Board election consists of Johnny Sommarlund for MGA Holding, Viveca Ax:son Johnson for Nordstjernan and Ulf Strömsten for Catella Fonder.
Headed by the Chairman of the board, Mats Arnhög, the nominations committee will prepare a proposal for the composition of the Board to be presented to the Annual General Meeting on April 21, 2005.
Lund, December 20, 2004
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Active Biotech AB is a biotechnology company focusing on research in and development of pharmaceuticals. Active Biotech has a strong research portfolio and pipeline products with focus primarily on autoimmune/inflammatory diseases and cancer. Most advanced projects involve unique substances with immunomodulatory properties (SAIK-MS) intended for the treatment of diseases including multiple sclerosis, as well as a novel concept for the treatment of cancer (TTS).
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