Active Biotech AB Interim Report January - June 2011


·Laquinimod - results of Phase III BRAVO trial reinforce unique profile of laquinimod for multiple sclerosis treatment

·TASQ- recruitment of patients for the Phase III trial ongoing

·TASQ- partnership agreement initiated with Ipsen

·ANYARA- Phase III trial continues according to plan

·57-57- preparation for the start of the SSC exploratory clinical trial in progress

·ISI- project is proceeding as planned

·RhuDex(TM)- preparations for continued clinical development in progress

·Net sales SEK 228.8 M (6.1)

·Operating profit SEK 70.6 M (loss: 102,4)

·Profit after tax SEK 77.7 M (loss: 108.3)

·Earnings per share for the period amounted to SEK 1.14 (loss: 1.67)

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