BioPhausia and Active Biotech to co-operate in cancer project


BioPhausia and Active Biotech have signed an agreement covering research co-operation pertaining to the effect of the hyaluronidase enzyme on tumours. The work, which is in a preclinical phase, has been carried out under BioPhausia's direction to date. The next phase will be conducted at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in San Diego, California.

Stellan Lind, President: "We learned about the possibilities of using hyaluronidase in treatment of certain tumours in conjunction with our project for treatment of traumatic oedema. The principle has been under discussion previously, but we have developed
a special approach with American researchers, which we will now investigate more closely in co-operation with Active Biotech. Active Biotech in Lund has great knowledge and resources, and we are pleased to be able to work together on this project."

Uppsala, November 17, 1998

Based on its contact network and know-how, primarily in connective-tissue biology, BioPhausia is developing products for licensing to well-established pharmaceutical companies with strong marketing organisations. The project portfolio includes RescueFlow®, a resuscitation solution (registration phase), Krillase® for the debridement of chronic wounds (clinical phase III), and preclinical projects in the tumour and trauma treatment areas.

Active Biotech is a biomedical company with a broad and in-depth product portfolio, a strong balance sheet and major, sustainable liquid funds. The Group's operations are based on know-how in immunology. Some 185 researchers in Lund, Solna and Cambridge develop vaccines for tourist diarrhoea, cholera, polio, streptococci and streptococci infections, and conduct research into new drugs for treatment of multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, asthma and cancer.