Active Biotech gains strength with a new Head of Preclinical Research


Tomas Leanderson, 43, Professor of Immunology at Lund University, takes up the post as Head of Pre-clinical Research within the company group. Tomas Leanderson reports to President, Sven Andréasson, and at the same time he assume the management as Head of the Research Unit in Lund, Active Biotech Research (formerly LRC, Lund Research Center) after Karl Olof Borg.

Karl Olof Borg, Head of Research for the whole group, has been appointed Executive Vice President with overall responsibility for projects, from the development of candidate drugs to finished, registered vaccines and drugs.

In his academic career, Tomas Leanderson worked in Basle, Umeå and Uppsala before being appointed Professor of Immunology at Lund University at the age of 34 in 1990. From 1995-1998, Tomas Leanderson was Head of the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology with 240 employees and total assets of around SEK 1 billion.

The group of researchers led by Tomas Leanderson is involved in several partnerships with Swedish and international pharmaceutical companies.
Together with Professor Lars Björck, Tomas Leanderson has developed the nucleus H concept, a new bacterial protein with the ability, not only to penetrate the cell wall, but also to enter the nucleus itself.

Through Tomas Leanderson's leading expertise within the group's prioritised research fields, we are acquiring further possibilities for focusing on and co-ordinating all the group's projects in the preclinical phase. Tomas' skills in modern biomedical technology are also opening up new avenues for entering into further partnership agreements with different pharmaceutical companies. The demand for new products is constantly increasing and thus more candidate drugs must be identified early on in the research phase”, says Karl Olof Borg.

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Sven Andréasson
President & CEO