Positive results from preliminary clinical studies of Active Biotech's prostate cancer drug


The aim of the study was to study the pharmacokinetic characteristics of the candidate drug in humans, i.e. absorption and excretion. These data have significance for the administration of the substance, how often it should be given, etc.
The study shows that the candidate drug TASQ has pharmacokinetic properties that makes it well suitable for oral administration. The study also forms a solid ground for the further clinical development.
The TASQ project aims to develop an orally active substance for the treatment of prostate cancer. Active Biotech is cooperating in the project with Professor John T. Isaacs at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. Previous studies have shown that the TASQ substance does not suppress the enzyme systems (so-called kinases), which are target molecules for most of today's anti-angiogenetic substances. This means that the mechanism of action for TASQ is different.
The company now expects to be able to start the first dose escalation study as planned during spring 2003. When relevant doses have been established, another Phase I study will be performed in patients with prostate cancer.
Lund 29 January 2003
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Sven Andréasson
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