Working at Active Biotech

Room to grow

Free from prestige, short decision-making paths and plenty of opportunities for those willing to take the initiative. This is the unanimous and exciting view of Active Biotech held by its employees.

Human capital is the part of a company's assets that goes out through the front door every evening. Yet its importance to a company's growth, innovative ability and profitability can scarcely be overstated, and any sensible corporate management will therefore do everything in its power to promote satisfaction and growth among its employees and encourage them to stay.

But how do the employees view their company and the growth opportunities it offers them?

At the eye of the storm

Leif Svensson is section manager at the department for chemistry & pharmaceutics. He is a living example of the structural changes taking place in the pharmaceutical industry. Even though he has in principle worked at the same department since the mid-seventies, he has had at least six different employers. In other words, Leif Svensson has plenty of experiences to compare, and he sees nothing but advantages in working for a small pharmaceutical company.

"One key advantage is that we are not burdened with long decision-making paths that can be so frustrating." He describes the basic atmosphere at Active Biotech as one free from prestige.

"This is a small organization where everyone who so wishes can make a contribution, even in areas outside his or her own section and at all development phases. A huge hierarchy cannot offer you this kind of freedom, as there are so many sensitive toes to avoid stepping on. We have fewer internal experts, but we also manage to avoid having people who are only interested in guarding their own territory. And all initiatives that might benefit the organization and the operations are welcomed."